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Earth Medicine Design
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The Earth Medicine is Reawakening!

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‘Earth Medicine Design’ Map Sessions

 EMD Map: Depth of knowing returns.

Online Works

Love Letters to Our Sisters in War!

Dear Sisters, on International Woman’s Day this year I made a promise to myself…

Rediscover Your Authentic Earth Medicine!


May to June 2024
I am here to invite you to your turning point.

My Dear Fellow Humans,
welcome to the Earth Medicine Design Tour – which is following the direct guidance of Earth Cosmos Intelligence. I often remind myself when reaching an uncomfortable turning point in my process that a whole new world is awakening.

What if I said that a whole new world is ready to open to you now, are you ready to be real?

Are you willing to be honest with yourself and past experiences to show up with power and presence?

 I see that this is the calling for our humanity…. to reconnect profoundly and get real again.

When I speak with the Earth Medicine I am told that it is our human task to recognize our innate and inherent connection to Nature and to realize that our Species’ organic instincts are intrinsically connected to the intelligence of All Life and to our own personal journey in this life.

As medicine woman it has been shown to me that upon completion of mastering artificial culture we will come to the realization that Nature is one of our greatest teachers.

Nature, both Earthly and Universal, has its own protocols, hierarchies, Natural and Sacred Laws and Codes. When in a direct experience with this great field of intelligent information a depth of profound knowing and remembrance opens to our original blue-printed connection to ‘All of Life’.

We are Creators and We are all a part of The Creation – that massive force of great intelligence which creates.
I welcome you to join this Earth Medicine Tour and rediscover the magic of being Earth and Cosmos connected.

On offer: EMD Cultural Evening/EMD Workshop/EMD Map Session/EMD Activation Ceremony (MWT Sisters only)


Immerse yourself in a 2 hour excursion into the depths of Nature laws and magic. Realize and then connect with the intelligence that is Nature. Rewire your natural and innate blueprinted connection to the energetic force of all life, of which you belong.
1st peoples protocols of nature. Revisiting the inner sacred archetypal places of the original peoples of your blood and cellular lineages.
It is a coming home and an awakening. Empowering exercises, cosmic intuition and innate skills, laugh with the tree people and allow the deep rest of creation into your body mind.
*High resonant work includes:
*EMD Teachings and Medicine Stories
*Exercises into practices
*A Journey with the Spirit Grandmothers
*Recognition of Being
*Community of Nature
*The 4 cultures & the bigger system & present shift of conscious knowing
Bring: your soul self, clothes you can move in, an offering to mother earth altar, a friend. 

Date: 23.5 & 30.5.24 /7 – 9pm/Locations: HH: Raum für Wachstum/ Tietböhl & Crüsemann GbR/ Karolinenstraße 7a/ 20357 Hamburg. HAJ: Zur Bettfedernfabrik 3/30451
Energy Exchange: 10 to 30€
Brings: Offering for Earth Altar.

EMD WORKSHOP: A 7 hour excursion into your personal connection to the divine cosmic, earth/ether and roots of the primal earth intelligence. This EMD workshop guides you to consciously connect to the living web of Nature/Cosmic intelligence and empowers your way forward into connection. Get ready to experience deep calm, profound knowing and radical self acceptance as this is what happens when our original human blueprinted intelligence gets connected to Earth/Cosmic intelligence
I invite you to a high vibrational experience that is designed to empower every part of your being to explore your primal power, elevate your higher self and reconnect your energy and spirit body to Earth’s great intelligence and to play in the garden with your fellow human light beings in the room.
*2 Activations: 1st Tree Activation & *Earth Code Knowing Activation
*An Earth Medicine Design Map (x2)
*Live Audio recordings of Journey, Activations & Exercises
*Community – Unity consciousness experience w/in high frequencies of light
*Transcendent Love
Date: 25.5 & 01.6.24 /Time: 11am to 7pm/ Locations: HH: Kleine Schmiede Götzberg: Götzberger Str. 100, 24558 / Henstedt-Ulzburg & HAJ: Yoga Anubhava/Röselerstrasse 1A · 30159 Hannover
Exchange: 120 to 150€
Brings: Earth Altar Offering/Dish of Food to Share/Clothes to relaxing into/ Beautiful scarf or shawl/ candle/ Ribbons/ jar of earth & a jar of water.

This ceremony is for MWT Sisters only at this time. 
The EMD Activation ceremony is a download and activation of multi-dimensional, timelines, soul lineages and parallel time recognition, ancestral re-gridding work and a depth of soul knowing to and for the Earth/Cosmos.
We gather in an easy mood to a spirit selected location. Door open from 10am. Bring your breakfast and eat with us. 
*1.5 hours in circle connection/ movement / nature connection/ teachings/understandings.
*2.5 hours in sacred ceremony
*1 hour in rest/integration/connection/realization
* Final 15mins: Circle closes
Dates: 26.05/31.05/02.05.24/Locations: HH/HAJ/Gött/(location address TBA) Energy Exchange: 75 to 100€
Brings: Communicated privately.

An Earth Medicine Design places the existing blueprinted design of Nature’s Intelligence (and Being) into coherence with the Human experience.
The EMD Map is a consciousness tool that points to ‘how’ Human beings can thrive individually and prosper collectively when they are ‘connected’ with Nature’s Intelligence.
Dates: please check the schedule & contact our team in which city you prefer to have your session. Locations: HH/HAJ/GÖTTINGEN/
HH: 8 Sessions Available.
HAJ: 15 Sessions Available.
GÖTT: 7 Sessions Available.
Energy Exchange: 250€
Sessions fill up quickly – if you are unable to book a session in your area there may be sessions available in another city or online.

I invite you to book your event on this page below or contact our team in HH/HAJ or Göttingen.

To Book Here: please fill out the form below. State your event preference. Make an energy exchange via paypal. You will receive a confirmation email.

To contact our team on the ground: go to the contact/further info pdf page.

To Book a Session: follow the same protocols as above.

25% Off -4- MWT Participants online. 15% off in person.


TEAM CONTACT: HH/HAJ/GÖTTINGEN &  Information of relevance.

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Earth Medicine Design Map


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Earth Medicine Design

EMD Map Sessions

About The EMD Map Sessions:

Are you at a turning point in your life? Are you having heightened psychic, energetic or intuitive experiences but are unsure of what to do? Or you know what to do but want to go further. Is your life asking you for greater meaning and purpose? Are you experiencing frequency detox … such as cold, flu, stomach symptoms, exhaustion, confusion or overwhelm?

An Earth Medicine Design places the existing blueprinted design of Nature’s Intelligence (and Being) into coherence with the Human experience.
The EMD Map is a consciousness tool that points to ‘how’ Human beings can thrive individually and prosper collectively when they are ‘connected’ with Nature’s Intelligence.
This Mapping Session assists you to embody high vibrations while walking as a Sacred Human/Multi-dimensional Being on Planet Earth. Being apart of Nature again changes lives in a very positive direction.

The ‘EMD’ reconnects Human Beings to their intrinsic worth and profound belonging to our Earth & Universal Intelligence.

The time has come to Choose a solid direction of Consciousness. I see that we are being asked to hold more high resonant light and to embody a renewed profound connection to Nature’s Intelligence.

Session Includes & Client Receives:
1.) An ‘EMD’ Visual Map with x 3 Energy Scans that show where you are more or less energetically connected. (on PDF)
2.) Audio x2): Presence Practice & Higher Vibrational You.
3.) Further instructions/Tools/Practices/Tips etc…
Spirit Council/ Motivation / Practice descriptions. e.g: information that comes forth for your growth/highest good.
4.) Energy Exchange/Investment: 250.00€|$

25% Off -4- MWT Participants online. 15% off in person.

Some of the Doorways that I utilize for my work:
Energy Psychology / Energy Medicine / Quantum Shaman / Coach Clairvoyant / Medium Channel / B.A. Comms/Psych

To Book a session fill in the contact form below and