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Rise up Sister!

To Unite Sisterhood!!! Mira gifts all Sisters from the “Rise up Sister” Festival – 25% Off a Single Session!


‘Earth Medicine Design’

Ascension Symptoms Sessions. 24.02.24

Rediscover Your Authentic Earth Medicine!


Earth Medicine Design Map


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Earth Medicine Design Map

In honor of ‘Rise Up’ Sister! Online Festival

MiraMichelle offers: 
25% Off
‘The Earth Medicine Design Ascension Symptoms Sessions & Map’
A FREE PDF: the-herstory-booklet

Special Offer Runs from:
 Feb 24 to March 10. 2024


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About The EMD ‘Ascension Symptoms’ Session & Map:

Are you at a turning point in your life? Are you having heightened psychic, energetic or intuitive experiences but are unsure of what to do? Or you know what to do but want to go further. Is your life asking you for greater meaning and purpose? Are you experiencing frequency detox … such as cold, flu, stomach symptoms, exhaustion, confusion or overwhelm?

An Earth Medicine Design places the existing blueprinted design of Nature’s Intelligence (and Being) into coherence with the Human experience.
The EMD Map is a consciousness tool that points to ‘how’ Human beings can thrive individually and prosper collectively when they are ‘connected’ with Nature’s Intelligence.
This Mapping Session assists you to embody high vibrations while walking as a Sacred Human/Multi-dimensional Being on Planet Earth. Being apart of Nature again changes lives in a very positive direction.

The ‘EMD’ reconnects Human Beings to their intrinsic worth and profound belonging to our Earth & Universal Intelligence.

The time has come to Choose a solid direction of Consciousness. I see that we are being asked to hold more high resonant light and to embody a renewed profound connection to Nature’s Intelligence.

Session Includes & Client Receives:
1.) An ‘EMD’ Visual Map with x 3 Energy Scans that show where you are more or less energetically connected. (on PDF)
2.) Audio x2): Presence Practice & Higher Vibrational You.
3.) Further instructions/Tools/Practices/recorded end talk with any further info.
Spirit Council/ Motivation / Practices descriptions. e.g: information that comes forth for your growth/highest good.
4.) Energy Exchange/Investment: 250.00€|$

25% Off/200.00 -4- 2.5hrs and extras.

Some of the Doorways that I utilize for my work:
Energy Psychology / Energy Medicine / Quantum Shaman / Coach Clairvoyant / Medium Channel / B.A. Comms/Psych

To Book a session fill in the contact form below and enter the code you received when signing in for the Rise up Sister! Festival.