For The Children: Simultaneous Global Prayer Meditation: Dec 12 to Dec 21st 2023

Simultaneous Prayer / Meditation / Visualization

Give a Voice and your Service for The Children

Sending love filled light around All Children and All Children under threat.

Simultaneous Prayer / Meditation / Visualization

Give a Voice and your Service for The Children

Sending love filled light around All Children and All Children under threat.

The Intention of this work Is:

1. Send your prayer to ALL Children and Young People on our planet.
2. Join this daily Prayer/Meditation/Visualization at 7am and/or 7pm your time zone.
3. Share the flyer and ask friends and family to join this prayer service and support of our Human Kind.

Basically, I see that our too many of our children are suffering incredibly on our planet right now! The past three years have been devastating… I truly do not wish to beat the drum of depressing news and I also do not want to beat the drum of ignorance and inaction. This is why I am here and as a mother, it is hard to take some of the statistics, news and shared stories. Heart wrenching.
What I want and what I pray for is this:
1. Take all children out of harms way of personal or state violence.
2. Immediate action for trafficked, enslaved, prostituted children/young people! (Includes pornography)
3. Protection from dangerous drugs/fentanyl / methamphetamine / …
4. Suicide prevention: has risen sharply of the past 3 years. More community connection.
5. For all children who are stressed, depressed, worried, have been over exposed to harsh realities.
6. Keep our Children Children!!!
And Adults… that is us….
7. Adults: Heal our inner pain and trauma/ancestral trauma.


Dear Ones, clear instructions came through from spirit channel, grateful for that, guiding us to a pure place of heart and conscious caring for our humankind.
‘For The Children’ is a simultaneous daily prayer for the health and well-being of all Children on planet Earth. Special focus on children under threat and children in war. Deep blessings of light for those that have experienced violent death.

It is my perception and that of countless others that our children need us NOW! To Stand up and feel them, hear them and realize their needs!
Too many of our Earth’s children are suffering in the void of lack of Presence.
Too many of our children are at risk and are in peril from outside sources.
Too many of your children are taking themselves off of this planet!
This must shift as soon as possible!! Hence this action…. May we begin a Wave! A Tsunami of Love for the Children. Sonne Reyna, Chief Whirlwind Eagle Wolf. Yaqui-LipanApache.🙏

I wish to gift us an empowerment through discipline and perseverance in a high light environment. This is good medicine. Not to forget to mention … Doing the right thing… we humans thrive from this experience.

The Prayer is to bring ourselves to selflessness, the Meditation is the direct connection and the Visualization is the conscious choice image made for the highest good of All.

Schedule: All Time Zones
7am PST and/or 7pm PST
7am EDT and/or 7pm EDT
7am MT and/or 7pm MT
7am CET and/or 7pm CET

The number 7: it is a sacred number of luck and wisdom. It is also the number of this year – 2023.

We are working in the vibration of the collective consciousness. We are effectively raising the collective consciousness through service, the good and selfless act of deep heart coherence, to pray for the higher good of another and thusly yourself and the world your children or grandchildren will grow up in.

Instructions: Use as a guide/optional choice.


Disclaimer: if you have experienced trauma some of the content may be a trigger/a healer: the vibrations of this intended prayer/meditation/visualization are very powerful. It is important that you reside in the light frequency of knowing all is in balance, the bigger picture, the essence of God surrounding you or holding your hand or your back. Know this is healing now! Know that this experience is exactly where we had to get to as a collective to actually realize what we are doing to ourselves and our children to then step into the deeper realization of life and empower ourselves to heal and auto-correct.
If you begin to witness uncomfortable images, energies or distressing feelings then take a big step back with your consciousness and breath deeply. You can stay: I chose to not see these images. I shift my focus now to nature and the balance of all things. From a distance send this feeling light to the image and bless all involved. Reside in the nature scene and continue prayer / meditation / visualization from here.

Standing at the Eastern Door: The Golden Door of Illumination we pray – ONE EARTH ONE PEOPLE – for our CHILDREN!!