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To Heal …
we must first Feel!


All Healing starts with Feeling!

A few minutes on session work.



Tune Up

“The Refresher”

When you know who you are and where you are going or what you are working towards however, your alignment to life feels off or not quite full enough – this is the package for you! 

  • Cup beginning to feel too low?
  • Inspiration/connection slipping or unclear?
  • Is something inside guiding you in a slightly different direction and it is your job to feel/see and follow?
  • The Nut of this package is to bring all systems online that are actively being sidelined.

It’s Tune Up and Tune In Time!

Who this is For?

  • A human in need of connecting with their & the bigger picture technology.
  • Your deeper Truth is ready to be told. Transparency, Clarity and Coherence.
  • You are ready to take another or a deeper step into your own narrative and how you navigate this in the micro-moment.
  • Energy Tune Up Time! Biology – Mind – Spirit

Who You Become

  • A more confident, grounded and authentic human being.
  • Able to discern truth from fiction for yourself and make decisions from a place of knowing.
  • Ability to hold your own narrative in your own hands.
  • To take real time responsibility for your energy and enjoy the process.

What you will Learn

  • How to negotiate your macro (big picture) needs and micro (in the moment) to create balance.
  • How to hold real love and space for self when triggers and euphoria happen.
  • Ability to navigate your own narrative in the moment of choice.
  • Energy first – realigning your allegiance to New Earth frequency.


  • 5 sessions
  • 6 to 8 weeks duration
  • session time: 1.5 to 2hrs
  • Via Zoom
  • Every week or every other week
  • 20 min free consultation
  •  Pricing upon request

Get in Shape

Realign  Resonance  Reactivate

Being out of alignment with the truer self that is working to get through and shine forward is a place we may find ourselves sometimes. Another sign that you are ready for a quantum jump is that present/past friends, activities and situations no longer feel home or fit to your feeling.

  • Body shows signs that it is suffering – an update is needed.
  • Negative thought patters are ready for a closest clean.
  • Your spirit is calling for more depth and freedom.

These are all great signs as that ‘something’ is prepared and wanting/waiting to … Get In Shape!


Who this is For?

Not achieving those ‘in the zone’ or ‘locked in’ confident moments?

Experiencing a loss of energy/ purpose?

Longing for ‘a’ something more in your life and do not feel aligned to something that brings you power.

Negative though patterns are taking hold in a way that dis-empowers or has you doubting your abilities?

Has your life narrative changed and you are looking for the next step?

Who You Become

A Sacred Human that can co-create and navigate their own ‘Locked in’ or ‘In the Zone’ moments.

Walking towards your new enriched organic purpose and feel this in the body/mind. Feels Great!

Focus present forward towards a vibrational connected Life experience.

Consciously able to direct and radiate ones own life force.

A human who feeling understands their own Life Narratives and utilizes this information to authentically honor self, energize their life and walk in reverence.

What you will Learn

To Align:
To consistently and constructively realign your spirit and human towards their authentic higher good.

Embracing your core values as ultimate teacher & guide.

Resonant Leadership
Energetic responsibility as an empowering tool of consciousness. Resonance & Hologram training.

Authentic alignment to your goals/dreams/life force.

Following the teaching of the 4 P’s: Priority, Position, Purpose & Power

Reactivate your original blueprinted place of power.


  • 9 sessions
  • 1 Ceremony
  • 3 ’20’ min voice check in
  • 8 to 10 weeks duration
  • session time: 1.5 to 2hrs
  • Via Zoom/in person
  • Every week or every other week depending.
  • 20 min free consultation
  •  Pricing upon request
  • Question Sheet required
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Educate  Motivate  Empower  Remember  Generate Expand

The greatest allowance that you can give anyone, especially yourself, is to know Thyself.

I often say… know thyself at thy roots and work your way up! Whatever, direction we go … we will end up at The Roots! We have to and it is often painful work.

This is where we have the esteemed honor to suffer with great cause and responsibility in order to rebirth our characters into truth, transparency, integrity and great love!

Then we may truly begin to directly experience the magic of our Lives!

Who this is For?

  • Your wounds fueled a level of success – now those wounds cost your biology/mind/heart too much to continue to fund. Trauma release.
  • Are you in need of a life map to redirect your way home?
  • Is your spiritual path  deepening and you wonder how to flow with all of the content and new sensations coming in?
  • To deeply tell and feel what is the authentic Truth for you!
  • Face the pain and walk through the suffering to create and the new day that is dawning.

Who You Become

  • A new emergent being of light.
  • Able to powerfully navigate your world without the ‘over your own border’ push to be seen or successful.
  • Feeling authentic truth in the moment and acting upon this realization.
  • A more healed inner child reality.
  • Releasing resentments and the default program that holds them.
  • A Sacred Healed Human with purpose and great tools!

What you will Learn

  • Educate: who are you? What do you need? Where are you coming from and where are you going to?
  • Motivate: what you truly need to thrive. Integrate your Truth and spirit Purpose!
  • Empower: your inner child & outer teenager home to your heart. Snake bite medicine.
  • Remember: who you are! Deep calm, listening, belonging and re-wilding. Journey into the matrix of Nature.
  • Generate: Energy medicine & Quantum practices, tools and skills! Know your field!
  • Expand: Allowance


  • 12 sessions
  • 1 Ceremony
  • 4 ’20’ min voice check in
  • 10 to 12 weeks duration
  • session time: 1.5 to 2hrs
  • Via Zoom/in person
  • Every week or every other week depending.
  • 20 min free consultation
  •  Pricing upon request
  • Question Sheet required

Booking information

Disclaimer & Reminder

The wonderful and deep work which happens here may stand alone and it may stand with a Medical Doctor’s support and guidance. Please educate and inform yourself.

All Steps towards well-being or health are born from consciousness. Whatever is happening in our lives – when we wish to move beyond a current life paradigm – to change a situation – it helps us to increase or expand our way of seeing, believing and perceiving.

Basically this is what we do in a session work through different modalities, techniques, sacred tools, timelines, dimensions, energetic intelligence, body intelligence, cellular intelligence and simply being witnessed. Ancestral and spirit contact, deep forgiveness and realization all guide our way to the creation of wholeness.

Bullet Points List

  • Fill out the Question Sheet & send to
  • Free 30 min consultation
  • Consultation includes: energy scan, hologram review & inquiry questions to discern which package fits to you.
  • Chose a day/time on the Calendly app.
  • Not sure which package is for you and want to proceed with a one on one session to test the waters? Go to the individual session page.

First we Recognize – Then We Heal