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Single Sessions


Personal Design – as you Go!

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Personal Design – as you Go!

  • Energy reading and personal hologram review to evaluate status quo resonance of body/mind.
  • Life pictures/pivot points/ and experiences that are of relevance. Personal narrative deep dive.
  • Focus: what is of importance and relevance for you now. What is your need and why has your spirit brought you here?
  • Conclusion: most empowering way further/forward.
  • Includes: tools, exercises, journey’s, practices and energetic reboots/healing consciousness.

High Vibration Energy Shift Single Sessions

Offer Opens New Moon : 15.09.2023



These ‘Birthing The Great Awakening’ Sessions are rather straight forward. The technology is to allow more light vibration into the body/mind intelligence.

Your whole system is scanned for 1.) possibilities that will allow more light expansion, 2.) observation of any energy leaks, blockages due to density and/or other energetic anomalies.

At the end of this session you will receive: audio recording of the Scan reading, homework to practice the personalized exercises/tools received during the session. To Book a session: See Below…

Booking Information

Not a medical Doctor

The wonderful work which happens here may stand alone and it may stand with a Medical Doctor’s support and guidance. Please educate and inform yourself.

Session Fee // Energy Exchange

100,- €/h

Thank you for your Growth in Consciousness.

Logistics List

  • Choose your preferred Date & Time.
  • Specify your session type on ‘note’ on the Calendly app: either a regular Single Session as referenced above or a Great Awakening Session. Thank you.
  • Prepare a private space for your online zoom call.
  • Suggested: take 30mins after your session to relax and allow presence & reflection.
  • Sessions canceled within less than 24 hours are refunded 50%.