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One on One… 



 Designed as you go…


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One on One Sessions

Personal Design created as you Go!

  • The first thing we get to is a review of your personal Hologram. This discerns what is the status quo of your energy anatomy.
  • Next, an overview of your personal narratives /experiences.
  • Focus on what is important and relevant for you now. Basically, why has your spirit and your need brought you here?
  • What inspires/negates your movement forward?
  • Conclusion: bringing to light the most succinct and empowering way forward for your life now.
  • Decisive steps: includes: skills, tools, exercises and practices.

Booking information

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Session Fee // Energy Exchange

100,- €/h

Thank you for your Growth in Consciousness.

Bullet Points List

  • Choose your preferred Date & Time.
  • Please double check time zones/ season.
  • Prepare a private space for your online zoom call.
  • Suggested: take 30mins after your session to relax and allow presence & reflection.
  • Sessions canceled within less than 24 hours are refunded 50%.