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Earth Medicine Design Healing & Expansion Technology

Launches on the Super New Moon 10.02.24

Are you at a turning point in your life? Are you having heightened psychic, energetic or intuitive experiences but are unsure of what to do? Or you know what to do but want to go further. Is your life asking you for greater meaning and purpose? Are you experiencing frequency detox … such as cold, flu, stomach symptoms, exhaustion, confusion or overwhelm?

An ‘Earth Medicine Design’ is a method/living technology whose function is to place the existing blueprinted design of Nature’s Intelligence (and Being) into coherence with the human experience. The ‘EMD’ reconnects Human Beings to their intrinsic worth and profound belonging to our Earth & Universal Intelligence.

This Single Session are here to assist you to embody higher vibrations while walking as a Sacred Human Multi-dimensional Being on Planet Earth.

The time has come to Choose a direction of Consciousness. I see that we are being asked to hold more high resonant light and a renewed profound connection to Nature’s Intelligence.

Session Includes:

3 Earth Medicine Scans:
1.) Upper Body / Cosmos
2.) Middle Body / Earth/Ether
3.) Lower Body / Primal Earth/Roots

Energy / Psychology
Inquiry questions, breath, body, truth realization, Pivot Points, Holding Space.

The Four P’s & Beliefs, Values and You!
Priorities, Position, Purpose & Power!

Your Presence Practice (audio recording)
How do you take your own presence? Client is guided powerful presence. Tools applied for support, correction, expansion…

Higher Vibrational You!
The next version of the Higher Dimensional You is invited into the present moment.

Further Goodies:
Client receives:
1.) An ‘EMD’ Map of clients x 3 Energy Scans. (PDF)
2.) Audio x2): Presence Practice & Higher Vibrational You.
3.) Further instructions/Tools/Practices/recorded end talk with any further infos …Spirit Council/ Motivation / Practices descriptions. e.g: information that comes forth for your highest good.

Some of the Doorways that I utilize for my work:
Energy Psychology / Energy Medicine / Quantum Shaman / Coach Clairvoyant / Medium Channel / B.A. Comms/Psych

To Book a session See Below…

Booking Information

Not a medical Doctor

The profound work that takes place here is the infinite work of consciousness which comes through the filters that I, as a medicine woman healer, work with. I am not a medical doctor. Educate and inform yourself of the best choices that honor your life journey.

All Steps towards well-being or health are born from consciousness. Whatever is happening in our lives – when we wish to move beyond a current life paradigm – to change a situation – it helps us to increase or expand our way of seeing, believing and perceiving.

Basically this is what we do in a session work through different modalities, techniques, sacred tools, timelines, dimensions, energetic intelligence, body intelligence, cellular intelligence and simply being witnessed. Ancestral and spirit contact, deep forgiveness and realization all guide our way to the creation of wholeness.

Session Fee // Energy Exchange

250,- €/h

Thank you for your Growth in Consciousness.

Logistics List

  • Choose your preferred Date & Time on Calendly.
  • Pay via Pay Pal.
  • When transactions are complete you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Prepare a private space for your online zoom call.
  • Suggested: take 30mins after your session to relax and allow presence & reflection.
  • Sessions canceled within less than 24 hours are refunded 50%.