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Hello Fellow Human Family,
These projects bring deep meaning to my life. What brings meaning to your life? The type of meaning that produces such power and presence that it lifts you out of bed, almost, effortlessly. Garners strength in the face of adversity and softens any blow by the depth of humility and privilege. Now this is a true currency!

           “Start by doing what is necessary: Then do what is possible. And suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

Francis of Assisi
For me it is here. Projects with like minded souls, empowered humans who work on their ‘auchy’ points so they will be better with you and every other human. To feel the vibration of purpose vibrating through my body, mind and emotions and sense gratitude in more and corners in my life. Stopping in the middle of a mind program that says… you should this, that or the other… because you worked so hard on this that or the other… program reaching … to Stop and then to sacrifice that perceived so-called ‘get ahead’  moment/movement because this thing is so precious and real and why should I rush or gesture or want … no …I slow and breath and know. Melting in deep trust and saying… right on!