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“Rise and Rise again until Lambs become Lionesses and Lionesses become Wisdom Keepers.”

Partial credit/Robin Hood Film Ridley Scott 2004

Female Medicine Rising

Sacred Circle Wisdom of Life

The wisdom of the Sacred Circle resides in all life and in all of our hearts, our cells and our human stories/experiences. We re-create our own stories by being a Sacred witness to the stories of others and thusly expanding into a higher resonant consciousness ourselves. Learning/remembering how to hold authentic heart space so our Spirits will be felt and heard.

Circle Subscriptions

This Sacred Circle Medicine are moving into the format of subscription. For many years I have run the moon and healing circle works through no registration. I would send out the call and hold space until those souls arrived. They always have. The medicine taught me how to trust its higher design and flow in the waves of its conscious creation.
The birth of this subscription system lays a foundation for further works to come… as MiraMichelle is being called into a greater spirit service in places yet uncovered.
Further realizations for this subscription offer are:
* The Circle Medicine itself is asking for a deeper focus and commitment – which enables tools to be evolved into further expansion.
* The creation of a higher resonance spiritual/psychological growth and soul development coherent group.
* Fun Fact: If you can not make a circle session then invite a sister to take your place for that work.

Grow your Sisterhood!

  • 3 Sacred Circle Gatherings a month.
  • 2 Moons, 1 Medicine Healing Circle & 1 bonus work!
  • Personal Channels/Healing during circle works
  • Monthly subscription of 44€/44$ a month.
  • With Subscription you receive one 20 min check in call w/ MiraMichelle per month.
  • Group amount is limited to an intimate circle w/ an active wait list.


Sacred Female Rising

Sacred Female Rising is a platform and network which supports women to rise in their power and presence. I founded SFR in 2008 from direct guidance of the 7 spirit Grandmothers that work through and with me. Our female collective’s directive is to reestablish a greater value for the female perspective and spirituality in our world. We feel this has the potential to assist in the creation of a more peace-filled and balanced human society.

SFR Her-Story Booklet

It has been a wonderful experience and pleasure for me to work directly with Gerhard Bott and his book, ‘Die Erfindung Der Götter.’ ( In English, ‘The Invention of The Gods – Essays on Political Theology.’ Included in this 20 page SFR booklet is one of the premier essays from Mr. Bott’s book which has been revised into more of a lay persons edition. There are also works from myself and other sources. The purpose of this accessible short work is to keep our minds and hearts open for new perspectives regarding our collective pre-history, cultural and individual development and the what the ancient role of the female really looked like. This the herstory booklet is a little wonder that many women and men have benefited  from.

We Women, Mothers, Weavers, Dreamers and Spirit Women ….

.. care very deeply about humanity and our Earth and we see a very obvious imbalance upon the Earth where people, animals and all species of plant life are suffering. We women have committed ourselves to focusing on our individual empowerment and healing and then extend this vibration out to our Living Earth and all living beings who reside upon her.

The missing feminine perspective is direly affecting our world. We must begin to ask ourselves how we can bring about balance to these ailing male patriarchal systems that we presently live within.

Mira Michelle

Our Vision is to create a consciousness peace vibration of Unity across our world!

How to achieve this? Our decision was to visit the Ancient Megalithic sites of our ancestors. Across Europe our fellow humans gathered together to meditate, pray and convene in Sacred Ceremony in the united intention and agreement to connect to the Intelligence of Earth, Sky, our Ancestral Coded Wisdom and Nature pure!!

To watch a short video of this work:


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