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Holy Land
Living Water
Unity Earth


Explanation and Basic information

It has been an honour to be involved with these organisations! A little bit of history – promise not to bore or I will at least try. 🙂

I first was referred Dr. Shelley Ostroff creator of ‘The Codes of a Healthy Earth’, ‘7 Days of Rest’ and ‘The World Water Law’, in Israel when I was on a journey to walk with tens of thousands of women for the Women Wage Peace movement – invited by Yael Decklebaum. After visiting the Valley of the churches in Jerusalem I was visited by Mother Mary in a Dominican Church.

Her divine energy stayed with me as our group reached the final event of the WWP gathering. Thereupon, a man approached me who I did not know and immediately recognised, by name, who was with me. I was, needless to say, surprised. As the recognition hung in the air he immediately stated, ‘you have to meet Shelley Ostroff’. The rest is her-story. 
From this humble beginning Dr. Ostroff introduced me to Mr. Ben Bowler the director of Unity Earth and from their I joined the Holy Land Living Water Journey and became 1 of 100 delegates to lend our different perspectives of the divine in order to grace the steps life. 
I could say more but will reframe and say shortly, it is wonderful to work with these humans, to grow, explore and to expand. 
Joining the S.I.N.E network has evolved from this and I love my sister Sommer Joy and brother Jon Ramer: the founders of S.I.N.E.

Co-Creating Europe also emerged through this adventure and it is my esteemed pleasure to be of and in service to the growth of consciousness there. Anne-Marie V… you are a wonder and all the sis and bros that are present there.