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SACRED– IZE Your Life The Ancient Art of Ceremony meets the Contemporary Age.

Dear Ones, my book is almost complete and what a process it has been. As most writers can attest to, especially the ones who hold a certain level of purity in their intent and responsibility for their chosen subject matter, the writer’s journey can be an arduous one. When I began writing this particular work I had no idea what I was really getting myself into. The impulse was to write some ceremonies down, smack a short intro with them and gift it to the world. Ha ha ha…. was the girl naive?

Needless to say after 10 years there are over 40 ceremonies, a journal section which now includes 13 women’s ceremonial stories and lastly some directives from a ceremonial guide…. yours truly.

The book will be out within the next 2 months.  Date soon to be released.

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An Excerpt

Modern Societies’ Readiness for Ceremony

Now that many of us have most of our basic needs met, have we lost the sacred in everyday life? What could a loss of the sacred possibly mean to us? Perhaps a simpler way to ask ourselves this question could be:

How could a diminished vibrational connection to the natural world around me affect my quality of life?

For clarity’s sake – when I refer to the ‘Natural world’ I am referring to Nature and not to artificial Culture. We, as human beings – Homosapiens – live in two distinctly different material worlds at the same time, the contemporary culture of which we have become comfortably accustomed and everything else that flows in the Earth’s cycles and rhythms.

It is my and many others’ opinion that when mankind loses its connection to the Natural world, substituting with artificial Culture, we run the risk of becoming dissatisfied and egotistical beings. How is this manifesting in our Societies? What does it look and feel like for you?

I know that we can all answer these questions from our own subjective experiences – it is obvious and unavoidable as it is also necessary to reflect upon such questions in truth and profound honesty so we may become empowered and more authentically ourselves.

Let us focus our vision and create clear intentions together – for these are the times that faith, hope and acceptance pervade and become stronger. Never before have I personally seen so much willingness for Interpersonal, Spiritual and Psychological growth. Is HUMANITY rescuing itself from its own miscreations? How?

Our addiction to the materialistic world and the so-called easy life or the ‘more is better’ program is now shifting into another form. I believe that we, as a collective, are realizing that we do not become better and stronger people by sidestepping the ‘puddles of life’. Our challenge is to walk through the puddle, only then to realize that the choice to walk in that ‘direction’ did make it so and for whatever reason it was necessary and called upon by our ‘Higher Intelligence’’ for growth. It is in this exact moment of realization that we learn just how valuable and imperative the puddle experience had been. As we stand up with this resonance of consciousness we no longer rage at the sun for being the sun – rather we give thanks for what ‘is’ because it is so!

“As a woman moves towards true emancipation her path will, at some point, lead her to the old wise woman of all the medicines.”

Mira Michelle


B.A.,Communications & Psychology. Quantum Shamanic Healing, Founder of  Sacred Female Rising Institute, Author of upcoming book ‘Sacred-ize Your Life – The Ancient Art of Ceremony meets the Contemporary Age‘. Creator of The Cleanse Site Project & co-participant of creation to ‘Codes for a Healthy Earth’.