Workshops with MiraMichelle

Greetings cowgirls…. now is the time to get on your horse and ride south to your soul journey!


Workshops Mira Organizes:

These workshops assist the collective female consciousness to expand and heal. The personal must heal for the collective to prosper! This then is the strength and great importance to meet at a place in time to explore consciousness with other truth centered truth seeking souls. These workshops are also offered via zoom.
To find out more about Mira’s latest Workshops feel free to click below to find upcoming events or have a starry gaze at past works. Enjoy!

Mira’s Workshop Events

Invite Mira to your City or Seminar Place for one of the following events!

Workshops on Offer:

  1. The Rising Art of Womanhood
  2. Sacred Female Rising Workshop
  3. Moon Magic Workshop
  4. The Fierce and Feminine Workshop

These and other workshops run intermittently in different locations in both Europe and the U.S.A.

Booking a Workshop

Create a new Workshop Event together with Mira

“Dear Ones, there are many types of Workshops that I can run – I have listed some above to give you an idea and some inspiration of how this may look like. If none of them feel like they fit – feel free to express what your need.”

Feel invited to contact us for more information and Mira & Team will be happy to answer your questions/request. Blessed be

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