Quantum Realizations – Consciousness is the Healer

Hello, I am MiraMichelle, and it is a pleasure and an honor to be of service in and with this work. As many of us know, all Steps towards well-being or health are born from consciousness. Whatever is happening in our lives – when we wish to move beyond a current life paradigm – to change a situation – it helps us to increase or expand our way of seeing, believing and perceiving.                                              

What we do: When a session begins we enter into higher energetic frequencies. Our everyday conscious reality deepens and becomes much more aware and focused. From here many possibilities can open into manifestation.

What Happens: Our cells are intelligent. The photons within our cells emit light. This light is frequency and it is the quantum. When communicated with awareness this cellular intelligence can be shifted or changed to promote health or well being.

Energy Psychology: Is the study of how our energetic status quo ‚states of being’ either support or negate our psychology and visa-versa. During the session one of the objectives is to connect the energy directly to the psychological state in the moment of the ‚feeling consciousness’ so the client realizes that the way they may be thinking or feeling (creating energetic patterns) has the power to either promote health or dis-ease.

The Walk – Ancestral Clearing: When appropriate the healing modality self-termed ‚The Walk’, which sits in alignment with the practice of family constellation, is engaged. As we humans are prone to carry unprocessed emotional content from past conditioning it can be highly beneficial when it is recognized and brought into awareness. During this process the client comes directly into contact with suppressed emotions and/or experiential feeling content that has become normalized in their system and therefore it may be an important link to the creation of their well-being or dis-ease. In the moment that the held emotional content is felt it can be healed, released or replaced.

Theories Behind: Formally: Quantum physics is the study of subatomic matter and the properties of Energy. „All Matter is Energy“ = Albert Einstein. The mind is the healer! How we observe, perceive and then interact with our world is largely what determines our health and well-being.

The Shaman: A traveler between the worlds! It is incredible just how many exist around, through and within every Human Being. To explain such a phenomenon with words is of course inadequate, however,  the feeling of… or to sense, track, follow with realization just how adept we humans are at moving between worlds always remains an honor to behold!



Crystals are often used in this work as a tool for re-empowering the body/mind connection.