MWT 2020: Message from MiraMichelle

Dear Interested Sisters in the MWT 2020,
We are happy to welcome you to this timeless training into your authentic and unique medicine. The world needs women who are open to their inner Medicine Women to rise in their power and presence.

If you feel called to join this ancient/future medicine woman training of wisdom and empowerment guided with a contemporary yet traditional approach, please send an email with your intent and your answers to the official MWT Question Sheet   

And then what happens? After all of the submitted question sheets are reviewed the new MWT Attendees are announced on Feb 21st 2020. It may be that you are contacted for a 15 minute personal or collective Zoom call with other interested sisters and MiraMichelle and the SFR team. This means that either Mira has not met you at any of the MWT Vortrags, or another event, or she/we need a bit more clarification regarding your question sheet.

This Training is held in Germany close to the Harz region.