Medicine Woman Training 2019!

Medicine Woman Training 2019: Schedule

Dearest Sisters,
I am most pleased to announce the dates for the Medicine Woman Training 2019!! If you feel called to join this age old tradition given in a contemporary yet traditional approach please then email us with your intent and we will send you a question sheet that we may get to know you better.

Looking forward to welcoming your spirit to the ancient future empowerment of your personal medicine. Yahete! MiraMichelle

May 1 – 5: Wed to Sun. 3pm to 3pm/ Harz, Germany.

June 22/23: Sat & Sun. 10am to 8pm/Hannover, (Location:TBA)

Sept 18 – 22: Wed to Sun. 3pm to 3pm/Harz, Germany.

Nov. 2019 to April 2020: 6 month practical application of skills.

April/May 2020: Review of Skills Individual Consultation.

May 2019: 3.5 days intensive: Medicine Woman Initiation Ceremony (exact date TBA)

Energetic Exchange: 2481.64

Medicine Woman Training 2019 Vortrag: TBA

TBA. Sun4 – 6pm/ Hamburg, Germany. //TBA. Sun4 – 6pm/ Göttingen, Germany.

TBA. Sun. 4 – 6pm/ Hannover, Germany//TBA. Sun4 – 6pm/ Berlin, Germany.