New Moon in Pisces Ceremony 23.2.2020

The spiritual energy of this Pisces new moon holds a High Light Frequency of Consciousness and it is a great opportunity to take major quantum leaps in our evolution – both collectively and individually. Ceremony Includes:
* Body/Breath re-connection.
* Spiritual Strategic Steps for securing your personal frequency
* Plugging into the Angelic/Ethereal Unconditional love energy that this new moon in Pisces is bringing!
Join us in person or via Zoom! Date: Sunday 23.2.20
Time: 3 to 5.30pm
Location: Harz Ranch
Please bring your sacred items and food to share or create a sacred space in your home when you join via zoom. Zoom link given at registration. 

“I consider this an important strategic moon to grow and commit to the new high resonant energies rising on our planet right and to secure the necessary foundation to hold them”. mm