Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer 10.1.2020

Ceremony of Closure & Completion of the Old! Into The New Big Dream of Expansion!!

A united Ceremony for inner peace and radiant expansion of self! This is a very positive powerful moon! An ideal time to visualize what you want to manifest in your life! Make no mistake … we are heading into a very important time on our planet!!!

Ceremony run by MiraMichelle & Lena Warneboldt Together!

Ceremony: Water Element/Earth Element clearing of sadness & tiredness. New empowerment into Heart/Mind expansion.

January 10. Location: Röselerstraße 1A, 30159 Hannover. Time: 7-10pm(19.00-22.00Uhr) Bitte Anmelden: MiraMichelle: info@miramichelle.com// Lena Warneboldt: lena.warneboldt@gmail.com //Cost = 35€// Please Bring: Food to Share/towel to dry yourself/jar of Earth! Englisch mit Deutscher Übersetzung. MEN ARE WELCOME!!