Ceremony: General Info. & Offers

Group ritual or ceremony is a way to experience or access the divine power that we all possess. When enacting this within a group the power grows stronger and usually manifests faster and more effortlessly.

Ceremonial work in a group is a creative process. We create a space together to heal, rejoice, play and to recognize something that we didn’t before the process began. This something can be very simple and subtle and yet it colors the moment with such richness that it stays and somehow paints our life anew.

Also ceremonial practice can come to teach us endurance, comittment and focus. These experiences often go hand in hand acting as sweet companions to each other and are also necessary teachers for growth.

These realities are explored when we embark upon the conscious choice of moving from the mundane into the sacred.


Registration to a Ceremony organized by Mira

Mira organizes and facilitates various Ceremonies and Moon Groups at differents times and locations. To find out about her latest Events on offer feel free to dive into the Event-Flyers offered. All pertinent information on registration, dates, and locations you find on the provided Flyer of each event. Enjoy!

Mira’s actual Ceremony Events

Rite of Passage and Personal Ceremonies

What is a rite of passage? The standard definition gives us: rite of passage is a ceremony or event marking an important stage in someone’s life, esp. birth, puberty, marriage, and death: a novel that depicts the state of adolescence and the rites of passage that lead to adulthood. I define it as thus: a significant moment in life that holds the potential to be greatly empowering and is often marked by a physiological/biological shift and hence has the ability to bring about a peaked psychological, emotional and/or spiritual awakening or experience.

The Rite of Passage ceremony has the potential to bring honor and understanding to the life defining moments in our existence here.

Rite of Passage Ceremonies Offered:

Coming of Age: 1st Blood Ceremony for Young Women (ages 13 to 22)

Birth Ceremony for Pregnant Women

Last Blood/Wisdom Ceremony for Mature Women that have or are soon to start Menopause

Other Ceremonies on Offer:

Sacred Marriage Ceremony

House/ Property or Business Clearing & Blessing Ceremony

etc.. to come…

Booking a Ceremony

Create a new Ceremony Event together with Mira

There are many more Ceremonies Mira is facilitating. If you feel inspired…take the opportunity and organize & create a fully new Event together with MiraMichelle! Mira is open to travel to your city or area and there are various ideas for co-crations – even a certain Ceremony suiting to your planned Event! Please feel free to contact us for more information and Mira & Team will be happy to answer your questions/request.

May our co-creations inspire awakening!

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