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Online Courses

Explanation and Basic information
Dear Sisters, these online courses are intended to bring more freedom, confidence and know-how into your every day world. 
We will work with re-wilding techniques, quantum shamanic skills and tools that are designed to be practiced in daily life and communication skills to empower not only your personal relationship to self and close relations but also in your extended environment. Another important aspect is to develop your spiritual knowing and to expand your soul vibration. I believe and have experienced that all humans have exceptional abilities that often remain untouched and unactivated. These abilities are now being called upon to awaken in order to heal and empower our world.

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Formats of the Courses

The formats of healing consciousness offered here are exactly that. They reflect a form whose intent is to carry forth consciousness that an affirming affect be made manifest. As we know we live in an infinite universe that is ever-changing. When choosing I suggest to follow your impulse/guidance and/or suggest another form.

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Monthly Medicine &

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Liberation Tools for the Great Awakening

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The Wild Wisdom of the Medicine Woman!

Further Information

These upcoming courses; The Monthly Medicine Webinar, The Liberation Tool for The Great Awakening and The Wild Wisdom of the Medicine Woman Returns have all been designed from a great need that I perceive is dwelling in women at this time on our planet. 
Feel free to pursue these offers to see which one aligns to support your awakening.
Each course comes with a syllabus, a list of tools & skills offered, a general projected outcome and benefit and a concise time table that tracks and references each participant’s needs. I like to keep the groups small and personal while adding a worldly touch. In this way the inherent female solidarity can be remembered and applied.