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“Ceremony is not only the doorway to our universal soul selves but also holds the earth medicine to health, meaning and belonging.”


Group ritual or ceremony is a way to experience or access the divine power that we all possess. When enacting this within a group the power grows stronger and usually manifests faster and more effortlessly.
Ceremonial work in a group is a creative process. We create a space together to heal, rejoice, play and to recognize something that we didn’t before the process began. This something can be very simple and subtle and yet it colors the moment with such richness that it stays and somehow paints our life anew.
Also ceremonial practice can come to teach us endurance, commitment and focus. These experiences often go hand in hand acting as sweet companions to each other and are also necessary teachers for growth.
These realities are explored when we embark upon the conscious choice of moving from the mundane into the sacred.


All Ceremonies are to awaken that what has been sleeping and to enliven and enrich that which wishes for expansion. To celebrate, commemorate and to give thanks. These online Ceremonies are offered to support soul retrieval, deep calm and an embodied loving resonance. Embracing your life as it is in this moment here and now with whatever has arisen in your world as teacher.

Personal Awakening

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Group Empowerment Ceremony


Personal Healing


Rites of Passage

What is a rite of passage? The standard definition gives us: rite of passage is a ceremony or event marking an important stage in someone’s life, esp. birth, puberty, marriage, and death.
I define as such: a significant moment in life that holds the potential to greatly empower and is often marked by a physiological/biological shift and hence has the ability to manifest psychological, emotional and spiritual awakening or an experience that greatly enriches life.
In my new book, ‘Sacred-Ize Your Life – The Ancient Art of Ceremony Meets the Contemporary Age’, you will find all of the ceremonies listed below. I inspire you to reawaken your world with a Nature Rite of Passage Ceremony.
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first blood

First Blood

first blood

Last Blood

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Sacred Marriage


House Clearing



First Blood

This ritual not only empowers but it directs the life force into a positive and clear direction. The young woman’s first menses ceremony is of extreme importance to our world. As one of the major first initiations for women we can choose to enlighten this powerful time or to ignore its sacred purpose. This ceremony takes place in the circle/medicine wheel. It is done with the four directions and elements. Women from the young woman’s family come to celebrate and honour the girl’s ascension into womanhood.

Last Blood

The last blood gives rise to new power and the positive and timeless role of the wise woman and crone. This ceremony honours this sacred rite of passage and embodies the celebration of wisdom and knowing. The sacred circle ceremony of the post-menopausal women was once prevalent in our societies and is now reemerging as an important tool of empowerment. “It is my feeling that the restoration of this role in our present day societies is crucial to the healing of our split and wounded consciousness.”
If you have the impulse or idea to consciously honor and let go of the blood giving woman and then to embrace and  activate the wise woman in a sacred earth ceremony or to gift this ceremony to a sister, relative, friend, etc..then please get in touch with us.

Sacred Marriage Ceremony

Love has come to me – like a honey bee. Flown from flower to flower – now have found the hour. To Love – the you in me and the me in you.

Self and Partnership. This ceremony is an ancient powerful ritual that has been re-weaved with a contemporary edge. Its source intention is to awaken and enliven consciousness. It should not be entered into lightly.
The core principal in the Sacred Marriage Ceremony is that of the personal honour code. The Sacred Marriage ceremony activates one’s personal honour code in relation to partnership.
How are these principals activated?
Through forgiveness, clarity of inner intent and Love. Its purpose is to connect with one’s inner power, divine nature and life intention in order to grow and to share these truths with the beloved.
The Sacred Marriage Ceremony is conducted in the nature within the symbolic form of the 3 circles within themselves.
If you have the impulse or idea to exchange your vows with another in a sacred earth ceremony then book this ceremony today.


House Clearing/Blessing Ceremony

Text coming soon.


Sacred Passage/Death Ceremony

Text coming soon.