World Unity Week 20 – 27th 2020

 World UNITY Week is an 8-day celebration that began on solstice, June 20th. It is an online event aiming to cultivate global unity. Over this week we will deeply explore topics such as sustainable and regenerative development, collective climate action, partnerships for peace and interfaith harmony.

This festival should be seen as a ‘birthing space’ to help raise consciousness,  honor the earth and indigenous knowledge systems, support basic human rights, raise awareness for global movements that seek peace and harmony and foster other ideas that can help give form to the beautiful new future that we are collectively creating.

The SFR Team will host some incredible events to commemorate and celebrate this movement. Check out our schedule of events and tune in!!

MiraMichelle and The Sacred Female Rising Institute support World Unity Week – for the highest good of all of humanity, our Earth and all beings!! Let us join together in UNITY and co-create a better world today!!!

MiraMichelle’s work you can find the the World Unity Week platform at: