World Consciousness Ceremony…. How was it?!

At Breitscheidplatz. We Sent our deepest prayers into the Collective Consciousness for the healing of our wounded Human family. For The Upliftment of Us All! MiraMichelle ran the 10,000 year old traditional Native American – ‚Wiping Away the Tears Ceremony’. to make a STAND for ALL OF HUMANITY!’

We did it! What an organizational feat of accomplishment and dedication from our team and we achieved a great spirit work with circa 60 focused like-minded human beings who stood out in the cold Berlin winter for over 2 hours and did the work that released the trauma from their ancestors and the collective past of their people. It was powerful to see so many spirits leave the place where their spirits had been trapped for many years and some simply for weeks! MiraMichelle

photos by Anne Oschatz