Summit: ‘The Free Daughter’ Interview w/ MiraMichelle

Germaid Ponge, founder of the summit ‘The Free Daughter/Die FreieTochter’ (German) interviews MiraMichelle about the mother/daughter relationship and how it can be supported to evolve.

Hello Sisters, this was a fun and profound interview with my sister and past student Germaid Ponge. She created a wonderful 1st time online summit for the Daughter/Mother relationship here in Germany that over 6000 women participated in. Last report from Germaid was that my interview, even though in English, was viewed over 2000 times in a 24 hour period – making it one of the top 3 watched interviews of the summit! Great job to all! Also to my sister and past student Annabelle Bini who transcribed the audio into German subtitles!
With gratitude and grace. Yahete. MiraMichelle