Public Speech by Mira

As the founder of Sacred Female Rising, MiraMichelle organizes and facilitates various public Events to raise awareness for active topics of our global community.


Events Mira organizes

Mira organizes and facilitates various Events at differents times and locations. To find out about her latest event(s) feel free to dive into the event/flyers offered, there you will find all pertinent information on registration, dates, and locations. Enjoy!

Mira’s Public Speech Events

Book Mira for an Event you organize

Mira is open to travel and facilitate events in your area. On offer is the Consciousness Matrix Talk. If this option does not feel like it fits to your need please see below also the option to create a new Event together with Mira.

“As many of us know, all steps towards well-being or health are born from our consciousness. Whatever is happening in our lives – when we wish to move beyond a current life paradigm – to change an existing situation – it helps us to increase or expand our way of seeing, believing or perceiving.” [MiraMichelle]

Public Speech on Offer

Consciousness in itself is a matrix of human experience. In this talk Mira shares ways to move into deeper awareness with humor, intelligence and humanity.

The aim of this talk is to create and experience a broadened perspective/ resonance of self acceptance and being to incorporate this vibration into the existing consciousness in the room.

Talk and Circle includes:

  • tools for expansion, expression, perception: opening doorways into the known and unknown and feeling ones own consciousness
  • healing your body/mind – consciousness is the healer
  • the shaman’s sight & the quantum field
  • life tools for the enhancement of individual and collective consciousness

Book a Public Speech

Create a new Event with Mira!

If you feel inspired…take the opportunity to organize & create a brand new event together with MiraMichelle! Mira is open to travel to your city or area! There are various ideas for co-creations… such as a Public Speech related to your specific event topic or maybe in combination with a Workshop or Ceremony! Please feel free to contact us for more information and Mira & Team will be happy to answer your questions/request.

May our co-creations inspire awakening!

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