SFR Booklet

Greetings and welcome to this publication page…. I would first like to introduce the Sacred Female Rising Booklet. This little booklet packs a powerful punch as it holds within its limited pages anthropological findings mostly unknown to humankind at this moment in time. These findings have the potential to shift global consciousness. In what way? In my opinion towards peace as it gives a greater understanding of we – our humanity – first began to create community/society. Truth is truth and once realized it has immense power!

It has been a wonderful experience and pleasure for me to work directly with Gerhard Bott and his book, ‘Die Erfindung Der Götter.’ ( In English, ‘The Invention of The Gods – Essays on Political Theology.’ Included in this 20 page SFR booklet is one of the premier essays from Mr. Bott’s book which has been revised into more of a lay persons edition. There are also works from myself and other sources. The purpose of this accessible short work is to fundamentally render a new perspective on our collective pre-history  and the ancient role of the female.

The Sacred Female Rising Institute Her-Story Booklet 2019

This booklet can be purchased on location at any of the works of MiraMichelle or Sacred Female Rising.