Book Rising: Sacred Ceremonies for Everyday

SACRED   CEREMONIES   FOR  EVERYDAY – The Ancient Art of Ceremony meets the Contemporary Science of the Quantum Age. . by miramichelle

…is almost complete and what a process it has been. As most writers can attest to, especially the ones who hold a certain level of purity in their intent and responsibility for their chosen subject matter, the writer’s journey can be an arduous one. When I began writing this particular work I had no idea what I was really getting myself into. The impulse was to write some ceremonies down, smack a short intro with them and gift it to the world. Ha ha ha…. was the girl naive? Needless to say after 10 years there are over 40 ceremonies, a journal section which now includes 20 women’s ceremonial stories and lastly some directives from a ceremonial guide…. yours truly. 🙂

An excerpt:


Sacred Rituals For Everyday

The reasons that it has become time for me to write this book are many and when I look at the world around me it becomes self evident that it is time to share and spread hope. Our world is in a great transition and it is my opinion that we need as much support as possible to not only endure this great time of transition but to excel within its incredible power and momentum.

Our world, our selves and the selves of others are all a part of the universal reality of change. We all change and things around us change every day and sometimes in very direct and incredible ways. We may call these changes good or bad and we may or may not be attached to their outcomes. Whatever the momentary situation that we are living – change is a common denominator for us all and this goes beyond the names and labels that we give the realities around us. The truth is that we are all sharing this earth. The Earth – as we are – is a living growing entity and this book is in support of our Earth and the beings that dwell upon her.

How can one individual support such a great big orbiting reality such as a planet much less the billions of inhabitants that reside upon, within or about it? Well for this question I can only reply with one answer – with consciousness. This is a book of consciousness that is intended to empower, enrich and enliven the inhabitants of our Earth. We human beings are an incredible phenomenon because we have the ability to give and receive consciousness. Our thoughts do this. Our feelings do this and our intentions do this. Ritual or ceremony is a way to utilize these powerful human attributes to awaken, empower and support not only our own lives but, those of others beings and all other inhabitants on our planet and the planet itself.

For whatever reason I have been born with a direct connection to the realm of ritual and ceremony. These skills are not exclusive to my being – I believe we all possess the ability to create in this way. It is a gift that has been a part of me for as long as I can remember and I am honored to share some of these insights, practices and inspiring moments that can and do take place within a group ritual experience, now in the form and format of a book. On my journey I have met many individuals that have nurtured the abilities that I share here. Shamans, Healers, Native American Elders, Yogis, High Priestesses, White witches, Spiritual Masters (with or without physical bodies), Avatars, Poets, Actors, Musicians, Scientists, Doctors, Historians, Writers, Researchers and so-called regular people who seek truth. To these beings I give my most esteemed gratitude and reverence. They are all here upon these pages as well as the spoken and unspoken hope which humanity carries forth into its continued flow or creation. This book is for humanity and each and every individual that yearns to know the sacred – to experience that ‘inspired state of the infinite here and now’ and share in its magic.

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