The Healing Continues… August 2021

Mira’s Blog

For a first blog, well not my first first … but, my first in this new series of blog, let us say, explorations. Okay, that being solidified this particular blog exploration is ….. a challenge of sorts as it is about some of what I have learned during my life.
Happiness: Don’t search for it! You are it! It is a part of our natural state of being…. not the peaked giddy version but the slow meandering deep calm of living and from there, stems all meaningless joy and wellbeing.
If anything search for meaning, purpose or heart centered activity. What? Ask existence – it will show up. If it doesn’t keep asking until it does. And please dear ones, listen and follow the direction. It helps. It did me.
Why? Because I am some sort of special person? No! No, not at all. Am just a human like us all. Perhaps because I meant it, needed it and I love the mystery.
Relationship: what I have learned is stay in it until it hurts. It will hurt and it does hurt when we are being mirrored. When the hurt hits work your ass off! Research, study and apply non-violent communication. Look into your inner child and cry, embrace and recover. For good measure repeat! Do we heal? Yes! Does the wound go away? No, not necessarily. We just get better at dealing with ourselves and others.
Earth: love her with all of your heart. Speak with nature as your best friend and ask permission.