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Liberation Tools 4 – The Great Awakening

Liberation Tools

– 4 –

The Great Awakening

    Five Part ‘Live’ Online Series
  w/ MiraMichelle
In this evolutionary ‘Live’ series MiraMichelle dives into the present shift of consciousness that is underway on our Planet and Galaxy. She weaves an exploration of liberation, self empowerment, psychic/quantum tools and nurtures the deep longing of being.
 (Testimonials Below)

1. Intro Weave: The Awakening

Sacred Space Vow. Intuition Rebirth. Setting Authentic Intentions. Your Base #1.

1. The Collective & You

Relationship to Life Overview. Embracing Discomfort. Rewriting your Narrative.

2. The Personal

Gorgeous You. Snake bite Medicine. Radical Forgiveness. Heart Activation.

3. The Child (Inner & Outer)

Surrender. Sensuality. Authenticity. Base #2

4. The Great Awakening

Changing Matrix of Our World. Embracing the Bigger Picture & Reactivating Your place in it. Nature as Nurture. Spirit. Life Force.

You Receive

*Live resonant spiritual/psychological practices

*PDF Study Sheets: Tools & Skills

*Healing Spirit Talk w/ MiraMichelle

*Free 1.5 hr After Care Q & A.


18.5.22 (Thurs)

25.5.22 (Thurs)

01.6.22 (Thurs)

08.6.22 (Thurs)

PDF teaching overview for each part
Tools Sheets w/ descriptions
Ceremony & Spiritual/Psychological Tools
Trance States for Healing/Expansion
Spirit Drum Journey
Q & A: Personal Healing Process w/MM
45min Individual Check In Session
Free 1.5 hr. After care support.
Energy Exchange: Registration:
182 to 222€ / 3hrs 30mins each part / 14 hrs in total.
This is an advanced course.
Inner child and shadow work experience is required.
Warm Greetings from MiraMichelle,
I am attaching a question sheet for this project to get to know you a little more so that I am able to support you better during the course and also to discern if your consciousness is prepared for this step into the Great Mystery.
For this work it is important that you have a deeper mental/body understanding of your own narrative, inner child triggers and a general knowledge/experience that you(we) create your own reality. Also suggested is an understanding of your intentions/wants/needs for your life.
Thank you for this course! I was so awake yesterday, I could hardly sleep. Your work is so powerful. I felt seen (especially 2. evening) and well lead to a new horizon. I miss doing this in person! The group was so vulnerably raw together, so authentic, just beautiful. Barbara F.
This course was a door opener into so many different realms. Above all I loved the intensity: the intensity to feel into myself, to challenge my visionary forces, to connect with my soul, the true power of nature and its deep old wisdom – finally the pulse of life force itself. The tools were so strong and self-empowering in such a deep and unexpected way.
Mira, the love you have for life and for everyone in our little group, was/ is amazing. Thank you for that. And your strength to hold the space at any given moment made me feel safe. Michaela K.

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“As a woman moves towards true emancipation her path will, at some point, lead her to the old wise woman of all the medicines.”