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Female Medicine Rising



Female Medicine Rising

  • Spiritual Community brings a deep sense of belonging – which is an important medicine.
  • Shared deep Truth creates Direct Revelations.
  • Skills, tools & practices for expansion.
  • Spirit Journey and Live Channels. Direct high resonant Experience.
  • The medicine of Women’s Circles is Ancient.
  • Come together to Remember, Reunite and Rise.

Male Medicine Rising

  • Guidance to your Personal Medicine of Empowerment.
  • Deep Healing and self acknowledgement of your place in the Sacred Male Medicine Circle of Life.
  • Expansion and Belonging to the intrinsic male medicine as written by the codes of Nature.
  • Direct experience with Ancestor lines/ living Archetypes /Channels and your spirit guides.

Online Webinars



Synchronicity, You and The Great Awakening

Are you aware that you are being called?


Logistics List

  • October 2023 ONLINE
  • 8 hours of live transmissions. In 4 sessions.
  • 1 personal consultation
  • 2 hours of pre-recorded teachings
  • Interactive inquiry sheet
  • After Care session
  • Wait List: email me at


How Ceremony Will Save Your Life – Weekend Intensive!

November 22 – 24. 2023 ONLINE

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As the energies are climbing higher and higher we all need an answer to these grand frequencies alighting our Earth. The answer is tools, direct experience in the resonance and the heart! A group environment is one of the most advantageous way to attain this objective. Self Unity and ComUnity is a powerful intelligent entity of consciousness.

Logistics List

  • September 22 – 24. 2023 ONLINE
  • Weekend Immersion
  • Question Sheet
  • 11 hours of live transmissions
  • 1 hour of pre-recorded teachings
  • After Care/ Single consultation
  • Wait List: email me at