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Our Human connection to the Earth´s Medicine is intrinsic, intimate and a timeless relationship.


Origin story of
The Earth Medicine Design

ReActivate Your Intelligent Design

Earth Medicine Design Packages

Technology for Self Growth & Expansion

Ultimate EMD Package Cover




The EMD guides you to consciously connect to the living web of Nature/Cosmic intelligence.
In these times of great change place yourself in the resonantly correct position for your life and the evolution of your life by utilizing the ancient/now technology of the Earth Medicine Design. Get ready to experience deep calm, profound knowing and radical self acceptance as this is what happens when our original human blueprinted intelligence gets connected to Earth/Cosmic intelligence.

EMD Event Consultation Cover



coming July 2024

1 to 4 MONTHS

We are One Big System of Light Intelligence. We are created/designed to handle/navigate/co-create with these massive forces of information intelligence. To dovetail these forces with your Event brings great potential and meaning and raises the vibration of intelligence for all involved. To create conscious community where coherence lives is not only a great gift to the biology of every human being in attendance – it is a resonant reminder of our deep worth!

Earth Medicine Design Basic Information

We are reaching the completion of Artificial culture – can you Feel it? Working from home, zoom, bitcoin, apple vision pro, smart phone, artificial intelligence, social media in general, lab raised meats and protein and so on….all of this innovation and yet we humans are feeling more ‘disconnected’ than ever.

What if our feelings of disconnection are actually a divine sign?

And what if the exhaustion, headaches, stomach issues, relationship distress or murkiness, accidents, difficulty breathing were all signs from the body that something is changing – and changing rapidly.

Does your trauma related and created success now seem to be driving you into a brick wall? Or perhaps you’ve had profound spiritual experiences with plant medicine, meditation, ceremony, yoga, breathwork, acts of devotion etc. … and still … you are experiencing an inner knowing that certain patterns are now too costly and disruptive to continue living with. It is also likely that none of your old tricks seem to be working in this alchemical process that you find yourself in. … The feelings of helplessness and doubt remain constants in the mind/body experience.

Still a part of you holds onto your greatness and a rising vision of beauty that could be made manifest in you and our world.

If you connect to this message then you are likely experiencing the call of the great mother.

This call of the great mother/the great intelligence of our planet is being made manifest as confusion in many because we humans exist simultaneously in ‘4’ cultures:

Natural Culture


Artificial Culture

(Status quo civilization/popular culture)

Our inherited culture


Cosmic Culture

(Galactic, Universal Intelligence)

The energy we are intertwined with as artificial culture is asking to be redirected through the remembrance of the other ‘3’ cultures.




When I speak with the Earth Medicine I am told that it is our human task to recognize our innate and inherent connection to Nature and to realize that our Species’ organic instincts are intrinsically connected to the intelligence of All Life and to our own personal journey in this life.

As medicine woman it has been shown to me that upon completion of mastering artificial culture we will come to the realization that Nature is not only one of our greatest teachers – it is our relative!

Nature, both Earthly and Universal, has its own protocols, hierarchies, Natural and Sacred Laws and Codes. When in a direct experience with this great field of intelligent information a depth of profound knowing and remembrance opens to our original blue-printed connection to ‘All of Life’.

We are Creators and We are all a part of The Creation – that massive force of great intelligence which creates.


I am here to invite you to your turning point.

A whole new world is ready to open to you … now are you ready to be real? Are you willing to be honest with yourself and past experiences to show up with power and presence?

This is really the calling of us all…. to reconnect profoundly and get real again.

The EMD’s main intention is to reconnect the intelligence of body/soul to the Earth’s resonant ‘Life Giving Force’.

With the EMD you develop your:

*Personalized evolutionary launchpad/

*Aimed rapid re-connection / new positioning

*Unlock cosmic, ancestor, primal wisdom on demand… 

Leads to feelings of:

Self acceptance, calm, remembrance, wonder, inner knowing, deep intuition, profound healing, authentic self-confidence…

All of this is achieved WITHOUT years of meditation, therapy, readings etc…
Because it’s personalized; 
You’re unique, 
There exists a timeline, 
A red thread in the quantum field that needs your brightest expression of your gifts, essence, presence…

The EMD was born of the great intelligence of the Earth’s Medicine – it is a technology of empowerment and remembering our place.

It’s primary intention is to reconnect human beings to Nature and that the human being remembers what they are and what they are capable of living.
It is an incredible technology of intelligence and wonder!

 Your Authentic Earth Medicine is Powerful!



The Ultimate EMD Package opens the doorway to a new world filled with wonder and meaning.

The EMD experience is a rebirth, a tune up, a return home, a focused intent, an ease in the ever flowing and an unveiling of the mystical side of this force of life.

The Earth Medicine Design is straightforward and profound: its main purpose it to assist you in being a conscious participant of life who can actively connect to Earth (Nature) and Universal Systems of Energy Intelligence.

EMD Scan technology:

The Scans are in themselves are a resonant healing: the scan discerns the level of light information and in what threads you are actively processing. Prominent information coming forth when in alignment with the soul’s integrity. I help to locate and read the code or blueprint of the thread – assisting in pointing you towards your synchronistic teachings.

During the scans of your energy systems you may feel sensations in the physical body along with flashes of experiences (past/future/present) that arise for your consciousness expansion. Once you feel and are aware the healing is already happening, a deeper trust and knowing is held in the body/mind to expand upon its usual limitations. Awakening happens…

12 activation sessions

(what you learn section) x (who you become)

*Gift empowerment

*Timeline clean up

*Reflects on Home work

*1 ceremony; closing / initiation / knighting 

As a medicine person and medium I do utilize sacred sounds, tone, songs and noises to enhance the resonance of the work/sacred space. The atmosphere becomes transparent and nuanced with a high grace vibration. The Earth Medicine just arrived in the space.



Nature’s Intelligence is providing us a Map and tools to navigate life … physics … consciousness. To again become Sacred Humans that walk with reverence upon a ‘Sacred Earth’ and under a Sacred Sky’.

Who this is For?

  • Your wounds fueled a level of success – now those wounds cost your biology/mind/heart too much to continue to fund.
  • Are you in need of a life map to redirect the way home to Yourself?
  • Is your spiritual path deepening and you wonder how to flow with all of the content and new sensations coming in?
  • To deeply tell and feel what is the authentic Truth for You!
  • Face the pain and walk through the suffering to create the new day that is dawning.
  • You having heightened psychic, energetic or intuitive experiences but are unsure of what to do? Or you know what to do and want to go further.

You Become

  • Able to powerfully navigate your inner/outer world without the ‘over your own border’ push to be seen or successful.
  • To know your own Earth & Cosmic connections and allow this knowledge to empower and guide your existence with ease.
  • Feeling authentic truth in the moment and acting upon this realization.
  • A more whole inner child reality.
  • Releasing resentments and the default programs that holds them.
  • A Sacred Healed Human with purpose and great tools!
  • Feeling the vibration of being deeply witnessed w/ love/being-ness/ authenticity / realness. This is massive for our species! 

What you Learn

  • EDUCATE: Who are you? What do you need? Where are you coming from and where are you going to?
  • MOTIVATE: what you truly need to thrive. Integrate your Truth and spirit Purpose!
  • EMPOWER: your inner child & outer teenager home to your heart. Snake bite medicine.
  • REMEMBER: who you are! Deep calm, listening, belonging and re-wilding. Journey into the matrix of Nature.
  • GENERATE: Energy medicine & Quantum practices, tools and skills! Know your field!
  • EXPAND: Allowance


  • 12/15 sessions
  • 1 Ceremony
  • 4 ’20’ min voice check ins
  • 3 to 4 month duration
  • session time: 1.5 to 2hrs
  • Via Zoom/in person
  • Every week or every other week depending.
  • 30 min free consultation
  •  2,500
  • Question Sheet required
  • Unlimited texting /weekdays only unless emergency

EMD: Map Technology:

Earth Medicine is waiting for your Connection!

EMD Event Consultation Cover



coming July 2024



A human being’s biological systems run most successfully in the vibration of honor, integrity and meaning.



Disclaimer & Reminder

The wonderful and deep work which happens here may stand alone and it may stand with a Medical Doctor’s support and guidance. Please educate and inform yourself.

All Steps towards well-being or health are born from consciousness. Whatever is happening in our lives – when we wish to move beyond a current life paradigm – to change a situation – it helps us to increase or expand our way of seeing, believing and perceiving.

Basically this is what we do in a session work through different modalities, techniques, sacred tools, timelines, dimensions, energetic intelligence, body intelligence, cellular intelligence and simply being witnessed. Ancestral and spirit contact, deep forgiveness and realization all guide our way to the creation of wholeness.

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  • Free Consultation includes: energy medicine reading & inquiry questions to discern the right package for you.
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  • Not sure which package is for you and want to have a single EMD Map Session? Go to this page.

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MiraMichelle’s is a direct channel of the Spirit Grandmothers and Nature representatives. She is honored to give a voice to Nature and to assist our species in its realization of our inherent connection to this Natural force.

Mira achieves this with ‘The Earth Medicine Design’. An Earth Medicine Design places the existing blueprinted design of Nature’s Intelligence into coherence with the human experience.