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“Ceremony is not only the Doorway to our Universal Soul Selves, it holds the ‘Earth Medicine Design’ of Health, Meaning and Connection.”

Earth Medicine Design & Ceremony Book

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You are the Big Designs

List it up

  • Nature has an intelligent design in balance with the Human system and when in connection a powerful resonance becomes present.
  • Your Public/Private Event, Gathering, Ceremony, Life Shift is before you. What is the deepest/brightest need that can be made manifest?
  • The ‘EMD’ consciously connects the living web of Nature Intelligence, at any intended location, with the activities, intentions and individual/group intra-personal process.
  • My professional role in this Ceremonial Consultation is to provide a map of Your ‘Earth Medicine Design’.
  • The strength of my designs is keeping it real while interweaving the worlds of Nature, Ancestors and Human potential.

Earth Medicine Design!

Whatever may be manifesting in Your ‘Now’ experience – it is Your Design. What is your Life (Earth Medicine Design) communicating to its Creator?

The Earth Medicine Design is straightforward, simple and profound: its main purpose it to assist you in being a conscious participant who actively connects to our Earth/Universal System of Energy Intelligence.

The Teacher is Nature and Nature, both Earthly and Universal, has its own protocols, hierarchies, Natural and Sacred Laws. When in a realized experience with this great field of intelligent information a depth of profound knowing and the remembrance of the original blue-printed connection to all of life and to ones own life walk ensues. You are the Creator – this is Your Design – what is calling you?


Further Info:

The Nature Medicine Design Question Sheet contains all pertinent information regarding these works.

Session Fee // Energy Exchange

250,- €/h

Thank you for your Growth in Consciousness.

Logistics List

  • Join me for a free 30 minute consultation call. Book now on Calendly.
  • Free Consultation includes: Your project. Your Why. How the Design operates and benefits.
  • Feel sure this work is for you/future Project? Schedule your first design appointment. (See below)
  • 1st Design Appointment: ‘EMD’ Overview: Via Zoom.
  • ‘EMD’ Includes: energy lines/grid reading, nature weave of intelligence scan & influences, communication with sentient beings (animals & plant life) and non-incarnated intelligence that is present at given location and human intent of consciousness and action. A whole system.

Book: 1st Design Appointment

Ceremony Book

Sacred-Ize your Life

In her beautiful invitation, lovingly and wisely crafted in Sacred-ize your Life, MiraMichelle welcomes us to step forward on a journey of re-membering; a journey of homecoming to who we really are. She reminds and, more importantly, re-hearts us, of the experiences of sacred ceremony; offering gentle, simple, inclusive and profound guidance to nourish our bodies and souls.
Dr. Jude Currivan, Cosmologist, Healer, Author of The Cosmic Hologram and The Story of GAIA co-founder of WholeWorld-View.