MM Interviews Inspiring Women

Women, Sisters, Mothers, Daughters, Grandmothers, Aunties, Nieces, Cousins, Best-ies and all the names and titles we reserve for that cool creative creature we term WOMAN…

do some Extraordinary things! How many times have I sat back in wonder and how many times did this NEWS Not get to enough ears or eyes. Well, here is to help the leaving curve!! 🙂

Carolina has created something wonderful – her natural skin care products are the incredible. They are real!! You can eat them. A woman once told me that if you can’t put in your mouth what you put on your skin then don’t do it! Carolina’s MandalaVerde products are of this quality. Listen to some wisdom from Carolina below. Enjoy!!

Why this video series NOW?

I guess that I just want to spread good vibes and want us to really really really Remember and FEEL how Wonderful we are as individuals and as a Species! I invite you to take a breath and join me in experiencing the ‘Wonder’ of our humanity through individual initiative, creative action, discipline, awe-inspiring audaciousness, consistent stick-to-it-iveness intentionality and the Great Trust in the Truth that they carry in their Hearts.

Every Moon, either New or Full, a Woman on this Planet will be invited to share … ‘who she is’ and ‘what she does’ that Inspires Her choices and Our Hearts … in…. less than 10mins.

Thanks for watching and stayed tuned.

Where: Here on my Website, You Tube, F.B., Instagram.
When: Every New or Full Moon
Why: It’s Fun.


Episode 1: 55yr old woman bikes from Germany to Argentina Now!!

@roseleissing on Instagram


Aired ON 31.08.2023