Booking Overview

“A warm welcome from MiraMichelle & Team and thank you for your interest!”


For your Booking MiraMichelle is offering you 5 different Options:

  1. Booking a Session
  2. Registration to an Event organized by Mira
  3. Booking Mira for an Event you organize
  4. Create a new Event together with Mira
  5. Buy one of Mira’s Books

“We wish you a joyous time to surf through all these opportunities!”

Or feel free to enter the Booking Page directly here:
Direct Booking Access


MiraMichelle organizes and facilitates various Events at different times and locations. To find out about her latest Events feel free to have a dive into the Event Flyers offered. All pertinent information on registration, dates, and locations you find on the provided Flyer of each event. Enjoy!


Option 4 – Create a new Event together with Mira

If you feel inspired…take the opportunity and organize & create a fully new Event together with MiraMichelle! Mira is open to travel to your city or area and there are various ideas for co-crations – new Workshops, a nature Retreat in your area or even a certain Ceremony suiting to your planned Event! Please feel free to contact us for more information and Mira & Team will be happy to answer your questions/request.

May our co-creations inspire awakening!