One Year Medicine Woman Training Program 2020

The overall purpose of this training is to learn, both intellectually and energetically, about the path of the medicine woman. The course moves from ancient to modern while exploring certain practices of shamanism dovetailed with quantum physics, energy psychology and earth magic. All of this will be explored and experienced along with powerful techniques, day and night ceremonies, forest sit solos, sisterhood circles and more.

Up to 17 women will form a supportive and interactive female solidarity circle for a year. A commitment to attend all meetings is expected. This Contemporary Training holds a ‘one year’ commitment that prepares women for the path and wisdom of the timeless spirit woman who we choose to term as ‚Medicine Woman’. In the ‚active group training’ there are four separate gatherings. These include; two ‘5’ day and two ‘one’ day journeys.

Following the ‚active group training’ there is a six month directed practical where the skills and techniques learned during the active training are applied, practiced and documented. At the conclusion of the ‘6 month practical’ a ‘Practical review of Skills ‚One on One’ Consultation’ takes place. The participant, Mira and spirit guidance work to discern if the woman is prepared for the Medicine Woman Initiation Ceremony – which is a gateway (lineage) to the Medicine Woman Path!

The Medicine Woman Initiation Ceremony is held during a 3.5 day journey that takes place exactly one year from when the MWT began. It is an empowerment ceremony especially created to support the participant into a greater alignment with her personal medicine and the path of the Medicine Spirit Woman – it is held in May 2020. This ceremony is a passage into direct experience and thusly it is a powerful self- initiated and spirit supported ceremony. It is to be stepped into with full and clear intention and integrity.

At the end of this great journey each woman can request to be Certified as an ‘Earth Medicine Facilitator’. (Certificate authorized by The Sacred Female Rising Institute®.) This certificate energetically empowers the holder to engage in: Primal Grounding, Elemental Connection, Self-Safety/Space acknowledgement techniques & instruction on creating your own personal medicine circle for self- healing & reflection. All certified Women will be offered to join the SFR Network & have their picture & profile on the SFR website.

Tuition: Includes ‚Active Group Training’: 2541.64€ / incl.19%USt. We require that a 400€ deposit be paid within a month of your registration to reserve your space (non-refundable a month before the training begins).



Cost breakdown

Schedule and curriculum for the active group training

Each meeting includes song, movement/dance, invocation & prayer, meditation and creative expression, practices for personal empowerment and the development of a supportive container & team.


#1 Wednesday, May 6th (15.00) – Sunday, May 10th (15.00): Harz

CIIPP Training-a healing and empowerment technology. What is a Medicine Woman – her function, role and purpose? Discovering your personal medicine Part I, invocation, lines of power, and elemental work. Spirit Guides and Ancestors Part I. The Medicine Wheel & the 3 Ceremonies of Womanhood (1st Blood, Birth & Last Blood). Networks of Women ~ Female Solidarity and the 21st Century.


#2 Saturday, June 13th (10.00): Hannover

Meeting your personal medicine part II. The shaman’s sight, the quantum I, spirit guidance – energetic protection and direction & the ceremony of Birth.


#3 Sunday, July 7th (10.00): Hannover

The quantum II, spirit guides & ancestors II, invocation in the city, authentic Life – the empowerment of the personal process.


#4 Thursday, Sept 16th (15.00) – Sunday, Sept 20th (15.00): Harz

Ceremonial practice, the modern medicine woman, visiting vortexes/power places in nature. The MW Doorway Ceremony.