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To start with acknowledgment for my sisters and female students… is to start at a place where it all began…

MiraMichelle’s Journey

When I first sat in Sacred Ceremony I knew that I had arrived home.

What started me on this spiritual journey? What I can say is this…. my first profound mystical experience was at the age of 9 yrs. It was rather odd and it took me 10 years to realize what actually happened there. When the realization opened it had an instant affect on my consciousness – we are not alone and we are not separate. Having a realization is one thing – living it is another.

And there began my journey…. How did it start for me? Meditation and stillness were my first step into the vastness because I had a need. It was mathematics that led me to meditation. To pass my college math exams I read in a magazine article that meditation could help. I was somewhat desperate and as guidance does work whether or not we are paying attention, along came an answer and an invitation to a small meditation group in a personal residence. I went to check it out and it changed my life!

All of this prepared me to be ready for the next giant leap of evolution – to open my Native American ancestral line of wisdom. I was guided to Chief Sonne Reyna (Whirlwind Eagle Wolf), a Native American Elder and 8 yr. peace Chief of The Sun Dance Society who took me under his eagle wings and showed me what I had effectively forgotten. Intense real cultural ceremonies that reawakened ancestral knowledge that lived deep inside of me. Which in turn energetically opened my English/Irish Celtic ancestral lineages and my African Ancestral lineages – all have played important roles in the empowerment of my healing and ceremonial abilities.

Soul Projects

Sacred Female Rising

Cleanse Site Project


Some of my Favorite Videos

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Ceremony at Har Megiddo

One the eve of the global shutdown, spiritual groups gathered from around the world to pray at Har Megiddo (Armageddon) to pray for World Peace and ecological vitality.

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Sacred Feminine Panel

Six Women who work directly with the energy of the Sacred Feminine share their experiences. Achintya, Heather Salmon, Jeana Iwalani Naluai – Ho’omana, Marion Haak-Schulenberg, MiraMichelle and Serap Kara.

Inspiring Women Series

Today we interview Carolina Bermeo and dive into her Mandala Verde Creations. You’re gonna love it!

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