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MiraMichelle is a professional speaker: She is available for various venues, stage and video productions for topics that she cares about such as the following: Earth & Human Connection: How humans can become reconnected to their inner nature. Sacred Ceremony. Why Ceremony Heals Humans? Why female spirituality and values are needed on the planet now more than ever? Why the female shaman & medicine woman is rising? Her-Story Power Point Presentation.

Mira has a bachelors degree in Communications. She prepared and studies her body instrument and speech for over 12 years as a student and as a professional actress. 

“As a woman moves towards true emancipation her path will, at some point, lead her to the old wise woman of all the medicines.”



B.A.,Communications & Psychology. Quantum Shamanic Healing, Founder of  Sacred Female Rising Institute, Author of upcoming book ‘Sacred-ize Your Life – The Ancient Art of Ceremony meets the Contemporary Age‘. Creator of The Cleanse Site Project & co-participant of creation to ‘Codes for a Healthy Earth’.