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Medicine Woman & Healer

Many people ask me what is a Medicine Woman. I usually reply, “she is woman who knows what her medicine is and utilizes it for the highest good of humanity, the earth and all of life.” Often a perplexed look ensues… medicine? …. “yes, her Medicine is her power and she has intuited, remembered, embraced or called in its presence to guide her.” Then perhaps I would follow this …. “Look to your ancestors and somewhere down the line you will find her or him. The ones that know their intrinsic worth and powerful connection to the earth and all that is.  She may have known how the plants and trees corresponded with the winds and how they and human beings conversed naturally within the rhythms of the earth. Or she gleamed information from the energetic realms for healing and expansion as well as prophetic revelations to aid her people. An ancient knowledge of sorts whose sole purpose was to uplift, inform and enrich all around her as she guided the ceremonial process and rites of passage. Not forgetting practical instructions for living daily life such as gathering food, planting, harvesting and tending to the hearts and minds for healing and expansion. She counseled Chiefs, Queens, Kings of old to reflect upon life and leans towards growth, understanding and balance in all things. Finally… she walks towards the knowledge that all life is Sacred and all beings born carry this knowledge within them.”

The Medicine Woman is the ultimate healer as she has intuitively learned and experienced that all successful healing derives from ‘how’ the system of medicine within the person before them is aligned and communicated with.
Therefore, our ‘system of Medicine’ is our personal power in relationship to our experiences, conditioning (programs/patterns), ancestral lines and cosmic soul blueprints. A medicine woman understands and observes how these complex systems hold keys for expansion and that there exists a right timing for healing/expansion to happen. So called healing and expansion are two sides of the same coin. They belong together. One does not happen without the other. Either one chooses expansion and/or healing and the refocusing into … comes along in the micro-moment to break through or allow expansion or healing to simply be present.

As a medicine woman and healer (consciousness cup holder) I have experienced just how magical healing/expansion can be! For this I feel honored and blessed to have met the call of the ancient medicine woman in me.

“As a woman moves towards true emancipation her path will, at some point, lead her to the old wise woman of all the medicines.”


Quantum Shamanic Coach

MiraMichelle works as a Quantum Shamanic Coach/energy psychologist for all peoples. An overview of her latest works you find here. She is available for Quantum Shamanic Healing Sessions, Rite of Passage and Healing Ceremonies, and facilitates Workshops & Retreats, Moon Groups, and the Medicine Women Training. For any bookings please go to the Booking Page. More Information on her writings you find here.

The healing work that I am guided to do, I term as quantum shamanic energy psychology shifting. Basically, the work is to open a broader picture of consciousness within any particular human individual. The personal hologram then emerges to be seen and felt. It is quite fascinating, as the hologram, made present, is immediately energetically recognized by its owner and this is whether or not it is cognitively understood.

Healing and expansion just happen. It is part of the magic.

Once this step has been actualized what comes next is about how to get the body, mind and spirit to align and also to remember. Psychological practices assist here as well as spiritual and feeling/recognition moments of realization.



B.A.,Communications & Psychology. Quantum Shamanic Healing, Founder of  Sacred Female Rising Institute, Author of upcoming book ‘Sacred-ize Your Life – The Ancient Art of Ceremony meets the Contemporary Age‘. Creator of The Cleanse Site Project & co-participant of creation to ‘Codes for a Healthy Earth’.