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What I love about writing is that it takes me on a journey into my own soul and into the world. I feel and sense the words as if they were sweet or cruel companions to my imagination and when I break into the deeper knowing, of what this process can bring, I feel free and fly effortless through mind, heart and external circumstances.
Writing can also be brutal like an ancient Harpy who torments and laughs while doing so. I try to laugh too… in the hope that she will soon let me go. 
I have written a great deal in my life and until rather recently have not had the compulsion to publish, not in any formal way. However, now this changes and my first shall come forth soon. 
More news in my upcoming blog about writing. 

“As a woman moves towards true emancipation her path will, at some point, lead her to the old wise woman of all the medicines.”



B.A.,Communications & Psychology. Quantum Shamanic Healing, Founder of  Sacred Female Rising Institute, Author of upcoming book ‘Sacred-ize Your Life – The Ancient Art of Ceremony meets the Contemporary Age‘. Creator of The Cleanse Site Project & co-participant of creation to ‘Codes for a Healthy Earth’.