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“Your Personal Medicine is Intrinsically connected to Earth Medicine.”

                                                      Spirit Grandmothers


What Is Your Earth Medicine Design?

Rediscover Your Authentic Earth Medicine Now!

Session Packages

Tune Up

“The Refresher”
Do you have a good feeling to where you stand in your life and yet, a piece is missing or not in alignment? This is the package for you! 


Get in shape

Realign  Resonance  Reactivate
The truer self is working to get through and shine forth – a great opportunity to grow and go further.



Educate  Motivate  Empower  Remember  Generate Expand
The greatest allowance that you can give anyone, especially yourself, is to know Thyself.

Gain profound and simple knowledge to apply Spirit/Psych Tools.

Online Works

Sacred Circle

Sister/ Brother/ All
Group work creates higher resonance for growth, expands our consciousness and creates community. It makes Fun with Soul Vibration.


My online works are designed to create a deep sense of knowing, belonging and connection. In support of clear communication for self development and evolution.



Ceremony Consulting + Book

Sacred-Ize your Life

Nature has an intelligent design in balance with the Human system and when in connection a powerful resonance becomes present.

My professional role in Ceremonial Consulting is to provide a map of the ‘Earth Medicine Design’.

The ‘EMD’ consciously connects the living web of Nature Intelligence, at any intended location, with the activities, intentions and individual/group intra-personal process.

Take your special event to the next level of depth, meaning, purpose and authenticity

We Are Rising!

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MiraMichelle’s is a direct channel of the Spirit Grandmothers and Nature representatives. She is honored to give a voice to Nature and to assist our species in its realization of our inherent connection to this Natural force.

Mira achieves this with ‘The Earth Medicine Design’. An Earth Medicine Design places the existing blueprinted design of Nature’s Intelligence into coherence with the human experience.


Spirit Works Running Now!


Full Moon in Gemini 27.11.23

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Raise your frequency – direct download single sessions.

To learn more about these offers click below. Wish you a lovely visit.

Full Moon Nov 27th. to December 21st Solstice 2023

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Send your Blessings of high light vibration to ALL Children and Young People in our world. More info: click here