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“Our Individual Personal Medicine is Intrinsically connected to Earth Medicine.”

What is Your Medicine?


“Our Individual Personal Medicine is Intrinsically connected to Earth Medicine.”

What is Your Medicine?



  • Ready to strengthen your position in Life?
  • Deepen your sense of Connection & Belonging.
  • Rebirth & Enhance the Authentic You! 
  • Hold Sacred Space & Heal Relationships/your own Heart.
  • Gain profound and simple to apply Spirit/Psych Tools.
  • Feel Lighter & Stronger!

Group work

  • Group work creates a high resonance for growth.
  • Group work creates a deep sense of belonging and connection.
  • Clear communication & negotiation are important skills for life and self development/spiritual knowing.
  • Individual self development & enrichment is akin to community consciousness.

Ceremony Consulting

  • Take your special event to the next level of depth, meaning, purpose and authenticity.
  • Events of importance mark the value of our lives.
  • Ceremonial design for large gatherings/work groups/festivals gatherings etc.. In balance with the forces of Nature, Human Intention & ingenuity and our collective consciousness.
  • The strength of my designs is keeping it real while interweaving hope for future creations, including the worlds of Nature, our Ancestors and that which we presently live.

New Offers



Two Books – 3 Women –  A Podcast  – A Masterclass – A Standing Favor …

1. Two Books about Earth! See Above! 🙂
2. 3 Women all deeply invested in Mother Earth/Gaia – Sharing their Earth Stories on a Free Podcast!
3. Masterclass of Ceremony & Earth Intelligence.
4. Gaia’s Story please Share. See Request below! 🙂

Will you do me a favor on Earth Day?

A few weeks back, Gregg Braden suggested that this CONSCIOUS PLANET SERIES is a “vital conversation.” I agree and we need your help. Will you think of one person that may appreciate one of these episodes and share it with them? Just one. You can share this email or share a link. Personally reach out and let them know about the vital conversations we are having on The Dr. Julie Show. That will help me and the podcast considerably and be oh, so appreciated. Your personal recommendation is like gold and I thank you in advance!

Energy Updates Continue on 05.6.23

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Connect with Your Medicine today!