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What is Earth Medicine?

An increasingly complex world is asking us to return to our Original Blueprinted Earth connection!

What is an Earth Medicine Design?

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Rediscover Your Authentic Earth Medicine!

Earth Medicine Design


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EMD Map Sessions


An Earth Medicine Design places the existing blueprinted design of Nature’s Intelligence (and Being) into coherence with the Human experience.
The EMD Map is a consciousness tool that points to ‘how’ Human beings can thrive individually and prosper collectively when they are ‘connected’ with Nature’s Intelligence.
This Mapping Session assists you to embody high vibrations while walking as a Sacred Human/Multi-dimensional Being on Planet Earth. Being apart of Nature again changes lives in a very positive direction.

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Ultimate EMD Session Package


The EMD is a resonant teaching technology gifted from the great intelligence of earth and cosmos. It is a visual map that points to your intelligent energy, mind, heart and spirit connections that are organic and natural for you, when connected with Earth and Cosmos.
The Ultimate ‘EMD’ Session package reconnects the individual to their intrinsic worth and profound belonging to Nature. You begin to directly experience the magic of being alive!


EMD EVENT Consultation


Nature has an intelligent design in balance with the Human system and when in conscious connection a powerful resonance becomes present.
An event, both Private and Public, also have an Earth Medicine Design. Imagine feeling Nature in a way you have never done before while fulfilling your fondest experiences or dreams.
A Wedding, Graduation, Birthday, Birth, Festival, Work Retreat … the list goes on and on. Ask yourself…..  what is the deepest/brightest experience that can be made manifest? Then Live It!

5 KEY Benefits of an EMD


The EMD attunes your personal frequency to the resonance of Nature, Earth and Cosmos. You again become authentically You! Embody your blueprinted organic vibration.


Nature is an expert Guide! With this technology Nature becomes your personal active guide to deep belonging, authentic self confidence, deep calm and meaning!


You acquire resonant tools of consciousness that directly inform your intelligence how to stay connected. The tools become practices –  become wisdom –  becomes knowing.


Get your EMD Certificate. In 2024 a new course launches. The EMD Facilitator Course. This 1 yr training will give you access to technologies and proficiencies that are now and will become greatly required on planet Earth.


Get your personal EMD map – Nature’s intelligence gifting us her Design to uplift our hearts, minds and spirits that all life can be free and prosper and also learn what taking too much means. Balance in the presence of Nature’s Life Giving Force.

Thank you for visiting my Website!

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MiraMichelle’s is a direct channel of the Spirit Grandmothers and Nature representatives.

She is honored to give a voice to Nature and to assist our species in its realization of our inherent connection to this Natural force.

MM walks as Medicine Woman, Writer, Universal Traveler and Earth Medicine Correspondent to and with the living Technology of the Earth’s Medicine and ‘The Earth Medicine Design’.